Ruth San Pietro - Wildlife Sculptural Art
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Ruth San Pietro is an artist in Bellingahm.Washington.Her highly sculptural work is inspired by her passionate love of wildlife and a  desire to increase awareness of the importance of bio-diversity, and the value of protecting wildlife Habitat. An environmental commitment inspires creating her work from 100% recycled paper fiber.

San Pietro’s work helps conservation organizations to raise needed funds to protect imperiled wildlife in their fragmented and shrinking habitats around the world. These sculptural paintings are a combination of paper fiber and mixed media. This innovative process created by San Pietro uses 100% recycled paper fiber, and promotes the reuse and recycling of paper fiber,saving Water and Trees.

"As a dedicated artist and compassionate animal lover, I wish to increase awareness ,  and protection for these animals. To bring change in the world to assist us to live in harmony with the earth and all of  its inhabitants. As stewards of the natural world we must build a sustainable environment based on respect for nature and become more compassionate to its inhabitants of the ocean, sky or land."

It takes a minimum of  six months to 2 years to create  and develop each "Sculptural Painting" and the surface textures of each animal’s essence. The sculptural nature of the work allows the viewer to experience more intimate contact with each species work of   art.

The future of wildlife depends on us.

Each new painting starts with the photography of wildlife in their natural habitat. The photographs are used as a guide for the creation of a clay relief sculpture and a plaster cast  made from the clay. Recycled paper fiber fills the cast and after being dry mounted on canvas it continues to evolve in its dimension until completion. The essence of the wildlife are captured through color and surface texture .so as to be viewed from multiple angles

Ruth San Pietro’s work has been exhibited in museums, hospitals and galleries. She has been commissioned by Orthopaedic Hospital, Santa Monica Hospital, Heal the Bay, Natural History Museum, Museum of Science & Industry, and Conservation International. Her work has been featured in “Moment to Moment” by Harcourt, Brace & Yanowitch.

"I have a deep concern for the quality of life in the natural world. My paintings have been inspired by a heartfelt love of animals and trees.”

A percentage of profits from the sale of Ruth's work are donated to conservation organizations

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